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Features under development

Feature Requests

If you have a feature you would like to see in future versions of Neuromechanic please add it here:


  • Manual
  • Make examples that match the examples that are in the IJNMBE paper.

Fortran engine

  • Allow arbitrary ordering of DOFs
  • Check for constraint mismatch
  • List of what POI are
  • Removing current directory tracking
  • make integrators besides 4th order work. I request velocity based one first.


  • BUG: Preference editor is not recognizing true/false type elements (e.g. under <Model> place <Something>true</Something> then try and change that to false from the editor)
  • BUG: changing between source and model view forgets button states. If running a simulation and switching to source will lock out controls.
  • When modifying DOF position show what the velocity is
  • connect widgetglue errorsignal to statuspane
  • Redo posture editor to use widgetglue
  • Playback should move DOF sliders (possibly hook-up constraints to sliders)
  • Translate XML node to C Struct
  • Highlighting of unclosed tags
  • Body editor
  • Improve syntax highlighting in python scripts
  • More python script shortcut keys. (e.g. shift-tab to back indent), documentation of shortcut keys
  • when ctrl+i is pressed to load/run a script from the editor we should change directories to the directory that the script is in right?

Version 1.09

This release is meant to stabilize the API naming convention and to add GUI elements to aid in scripting.

In development

  • BUG: Integrators need to be debugged
  • BUG: Display (or scale correctly) the local coordinate system for each rigid body.
  • BUG: Backspace removes two characters always instead of one. Should remove two only when there is a tab?
  • BUG: OSX - missing libfreetype.6.dylib
  • BUG: OSX - python "print" does not work and gives crazy output
  • Keywords need updating for proper highlighting
  • API enabled
    • Dynamic library for API and control from Matlab
    • Python equivalent NMCB parser
    • Build shared libraries

Version 1.09.2 (Releasing soon)

  • GUI: New find/replace window (modal and takes focus with ctrl+f)
  • GUI: Revised completer keywords and completion behavior
  • GUI: Added completer for python api functions
  • ENGINE: Only one value is required for <Synapse> if the type='constant'
  • FIX: Find/replace button switching is now more intuitive
  • FIX: Hot-keys switched from function keys to all ctrl-combos

Version 1.09.1

  • GUI: Run script updated to append the path of the script
  • GUI: Added hot-key ctrl-R to run a script
  • GUI: Removed menu item: calculate dynamics
  • API: Added a neuron counter to <Internal>
  • API: <Dynamic> and <Internal> nodes cleaned up and made consistent
  • ENGINE: Improved rendering of feasible forces

Version 1.09.0

  • Added "Frame" elements: <RigidBody> element without <Mass> and <Inertia> subelements.
  • <State> variables have been given an attribute Type. e.g. <State Type="kinematic">p v</State>, <State Type="Activation">
  • The XML specification for Activation dynamics has been changed (Should be backward compatible)
  • A Fatigue model has been implemented and is optional for Zajac and Schutte muscle models
  • Positional constraints implemented
  • Created function to update dependent dof when independent dof are changed in the linked-dof constraints
  • OSX: Preference file will now be saved for future upgrades
  • OSX: Directions for specifying a symbolic link to the default location of is included
  • API: Naming convention updated/solidified
  • API: Script editor for python
  • FIX: Under windows log color changes when switching to viewing equivalent inertia ellipsoids
  • FIX: Code folding is now not as slow with big models
  • FIX: Up/down toggling in command line returns only user commands
  • API functionality to report indices of muscles/neurons/(**constraints)/etc.

Version 1.08

This release is meant to fully enable scripting and expose the API for user extensibility.

Version 1.08.1

  • API enabled
  • FIX: NM_SYSTEM_VERSION in api for both C++ and python APIs
  • FIX: Code completion no longer adds space in between elements
  • Added error checking for uniqueness of top-level elements (e.g. <Bodies>, <Muscles>, <Resources> etc)

Version 1.08.0

  • API enabled
    • Python scripting is bi-directional
    • Python plotting is enabled
  • About menu added. Version can be checked from GUI and log file
  • Scrolling of integrator selector is turned off.
  • Only last line of status pane is editable.
  • Commandline has up/down scrolling of previous log entries
  • ModelTree and Properties dock remember size from previous session.

Version 1.07

Version 1.07.2

  • Center and fill view button
  • Reset button for Model state.
  • Playback scrollbar for NMCB files.
  • View menu added.
  • Code completion added to source editor.
  • It is possible to view the results of a simulation without saving it.
  • DOF editor edit boxes no longer change on scrolling
  • Default viewing behavior changed to show inertial bodies
  • FIXED: Log files have "\" in their name on OSX
  • FIXED: Lost file contents after save if NM crashes
  • FIXED: Crash on multiple polygon meshes defined inside the nmcb
  • FIXED: Hard crash on some copy-paste in source view
  • FIXED: Initial start of NM no longer refreshes GL buffers

Version 1.07.1

  • FIXED: OSX version had incorrect paths for python directories.

Version 1.07.0

  • Python scripting of controllers
  • Changes to command line switches
    • -eq required to equilibrate the model
    • -simulate required to run a simulation (if used with -eq be sure to list -eq first)
    • -logfile location where location is a directory and filename to write the log to or location can be "stdout" or "stderr"
    • No default writing to nmco from command line. Both -b and -o switches are required.
  • Updated list of XML keywords
    • <RigidBodies> keyword changed to <Bodies>
  • Added gui interface for editor options
  • Log window is a true command window (input as well as display)
  • Log window updates faster
  • Current version of Neuromechanic is printed in log file
  • Playback slider resets when loading a file
  • Save output box shows a popup tag of filepath
  • Saved output checkbox behavior changed to unchecked when you unload and reload files.
  • Recent save and open directory is now the same.
  • FIXED: Pull (from model to sourceview) doesn't always happen.
  • FIXED: Switching to model view does not push.
  • FIXED: View parameters, output (including Movie Gear) parameters can be modified in an nmco file

Version 1.06

  • Updated list of XML keywords
  • Dynamic output options
  • Find and replace in source view
  • Error when there are brackets in attributes
  • Add MaximumStepSize to DOM
  • Posture editor - Add/Delete postures
  • Double-click modelTree sends you to source section