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32-bit Windows 7 1.06 1.07.2 1.08.1 1.09.1 1.10.0
64-bit OSX Lion 1.06 1.07.2 1.08.1 1.09.1

Release notes - Email request if your operating system is not listed.



  • Install this to a directory on your computer.
  • For version 1.06 ONLY: Before using, change the permissions of folder [InstallDir]/Resources to Read and Write. This is necessary because in 1.06 that folder contains user preferences.


  • Download the compressed DMG, mount it by double-clicking and install the program by dragging it to your Applications folder.

Verifying Successful Installation

A successful install.

To ensure that everything installed correctly,

  1. Start the program. If you don't see a window open with "Neuromechanic" written in the top left then there is a problem. Please let us know.
  2. Download NMInstallTest and NMPythonTest and save them to a common directory.
  3. Open (from the menu File->Open or shortcut key ctrl-o [⌘-o]) the NMInstallTest.nmcb file in Neuromechanic. Nothing too exciting will happen (hopefully) but you should see the "==================== Muscle Summary =================" line at the bottom of the log window as in the image to the right.

If that works then you are probably installed correctly!


Python Modules

  • nmextension - A python module to facilitate working with the Neuromechanic API
  • osim2nm - A python module to convert opensim models to neuromechanic models. Very much a work in progress.

Matlab files

  • matlab2xml - write a matlab structure to a Neuromechanic XML file.
  • xml2matlab - read a Neuromechanic XML file into a Matlab structure.